18Bn Welcomes Visitors with a Firearms Licence

If you have a firearms licence and would like to come and shoot with 18Bn – you are most welcome.

If you don’t have a firearms licence and would like to shoot with 18Bn – you are most welcome. CLICK HERE

A good start is to understand who we are :  CLICK HERE.

Check your firearms licence to make sure it has “Target Shooting” as a genuine reason, this is on the back of your firearms licence.  If you do not have “Target Shooting” as a genuine reason, you will be required to complete a P650 form.

Click HERE for all info about the P650 form from NSW Firearms Registry.

Allow for ½ a day – from 8:30am to noon.

The range program can be found HERE – so have a look and choose a date.  Once you have chosen a date, give James Taylor, 18Bn Club Captain a call on 0418 600626 to introduce yourself.

The type of matches we shoot can he found HERE.

On the day – you will need.

  • Hat
  • Closed shoes
  • Current firearms licence
  • Cash or Card – to pay the range fees’, temporary membership fee and purchase of ammunition (about $70 to $90 total, this is dependent on the calibre rifle you shoot)

Meet at our clubhouse at 8:30am to register, there is some paperwork to do first and a range induction containing important safety information – please read this before coming to the range – it can be found HERE.

Once you have completed your induction you then pay your range fee and joining fee as a Temporary Member.  This entitles you to attend four times in that financial year.

All shooters also do butts duty.  This is manning the targets in the butts area of the range and scoring the targets for the shooters on the shooting mound.  The target mechanisms are mechanical and require some physical effort to operate.  For an overview/safety briefing of the target mechanisms and how to score the targets, please click HERE and go to page 3.

Minors (between 12 and 18 years) are also allowed to shoot – however they must be accompanied by a supervising parent/guardian.

Once you have attended a few times and participated in some matches, you then have the opportunity to submit an application for full membership. Click HERE for the membership application form.

We look forward to seeing you at the range.