About Us

The 18th Battalion Memorial Rifle Club is a combined target, hunting and collecting club located at the historic Hornsby Rifle Range,  Australia’s longest serving target shooting facility.

Established in 1994, the club welcomes members and guests participating in the challenging and rewarding art of precision target shooting and those of collecting and hunting.

The Clubs founders chose our name to honour the original 1st AIF 18th Battalion that served in Gallipoli and France, The Ku-Ring-Gai Regiment 18th Battalion CMF, and the 2nd AIF 2/18 Battalion.

Being a Club that focuses on military rifles and the matches used to train the troops in World War One, our name honours their role, sacrifice and keeps alive not only these old rifles but also the courses of fire that honed their marksmanship.

Our members are from all backgrounds – teachers, electricians, doctors, truck drivers, ex servicemen, builders, managers, students, lawyers and mechanics.  We welcome prospective members and visitors, new to the sport or with shooting experience.

Whilst we have a strong tradition of target service rifle competition, many of our members compete in these matches with a standard field rifle with a telescopic sight.  In addition our matches also include Field and Service, Rimfire and Blackpowder (muzzle loading percussion cap and cartridge).  For full detail on all of these matches, please review the Matches page.

Our strong diverse membership combined with the Hornsby Rifle range facilities and our own Club house situated on site at the range – gives 18th Battalion members and guests a unique opportunity to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, the camaraderie of participation and great facilities.

At a more technical level:18th Battalion offers accredited Firearms Safety and Awareness training for those wishing to obtain a NSW firearms license in Category A / B. We can also complete firearms transfers to members

In addition to target shooting we are a registered hunting and collecting club. The club is also a NSW Game Council Approved Hunting Organisation.

We also have a wonderful relationship with the Gosford District Rifle Club (GDRC) and each year at the Kariong Range Gosford, an annual .303 Memorial Match is held on the closest Saturday to Remembrance Day in November.