History compiled by Max Johnson, Founding Member, Past Captain and current Treasurer. March 2023.

In April 1994, a meeting took place in the North Sydney Rifle Club. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a new Rifle Club at Hornsby Rifle Range with a view to introducing two new disciplines to the then current program.

These would be Field Class Target Shooting and Service Rifle Matches. The Service Rifle Matches had long been established, being conducted by both the Army and the National Rifle Association over many years.

Field Class was a whole new ballgame. It was first established by Coff’s Harbour Rifle Club, a club that was, up until that time experiencing a drop in numbers. Following the introduction of Field Class, Coff’s Harbour’s membership rose from 6 members to 75 in a very short time. When I spoke with their Captain, Graeme Veale he provided all the necessary information and rules we would need to get started. His final words to me were “Do it”.

So, we then set about setting things up. First of all was to get permission and range time from the North Shore District Rifle Association, who at that time controlled the range. Then an approach was made to North Sydney Rifle Club to see if we could establish the club using North Sydney as an umbrella organisation rather than as a stand-alone club. This would happen in 1996.

As well as obtaining the necessary approvals , I approached Mr Doug Johnson who was the President of the 18th Battalion – Ku Ring Gai Regiment Association seeking permission to use the battalion’s name for our club. This was given, on the proviso that the word Memorial appeared in the name. Thus our first official name was The Eighteenth Battalion Memorial Field and Service Rifle Club. This was shortened in 1996 to our current name.

On the subject of 18th Battalion – Ku Ring Gai Regiment, we have maintained our association with them, attending their re-union lunches and ANZAC Church Parade each year and supporting them financially with regards their news letter. Sadly, Doug Johnson, who not only served as a Captain in the 18th Battalion but also served in New Guinea in the 2nd AIF, passed away a few years ago. A great loss.

After finalising all the approvals, we then set about making targets, spotting wands, patch boxes, score cards  and all the other paraphernalia that goes with target shooting, and organising our first Military Match shoot for the 19th June 1994 and our first Field Class shoot on the 26th June 1994. It was then decided that we would shoot our Military Matches on the 3rd Sunday of the month, with Doug Livermore acting as Range Officer and on the 4th Sunday of the month we would shoot our Field Class Matches, to be run by yours truly, Max Johnson, a job I still do some 25 years later.

The club thrived on the new formats we introduced, to a point where we surpassed our parent North Sydney in membership. The decision was taken in 1996 to separate from North Sydney and affiliate with the NSW Rifle Association. The date on which we did this was the same day as the Port Arthur Massacre. Hardly an auspicious occasion.

From this terrible event came the Howard Government changes to gun laws which saw our membership soar to around 150 members. Over the ensuing years our membership stabilised at around the current level of 75 plus members and 24 associate members (updated March 2023)

Since our start in 1994 we not only participated in our regular Field Class and Military Matches on a Sunday, but we also introduced F Class shooting to Hornsby on a Saturday, shot at ranges between 300 and 800 metres. This continued until April 2008, when it was decided to concentrate on Sunday shoots only. We also introduce a Rimfire shoot, originally being a walk-down from 100m to 75m then to 50m. Following changes to the range template this was modified to 75m/50m/25m.

Finally I would like to pay tribute to the other members of the original committee that were there on day 1. They were :

Max Bolton (dec), Past Captain ,The North Sydney Small Bore and Air Rifle Club, and who provided Eighteenth Battalion with clubhouse facilities from 1996 until we built our own in 2005.

Barre Cuthbert (dec), Past captain, North Sydney Rifle club. Our parent club and provider of clubhouse facilities until 1996.

John Ferguson (dec), member North Sydney Rifle Club

Doug Livermore (dec) Past SSAA Range Officer and Military Match Convener for Eighteenth Battalion.

John Heazlett, Member North Sydney Rifle Club, served as Club Secretary 1994 to 2003.

John Skinner, Member North Sydney Rifle Club, Served as Treasurer 1994-1996

Errol Thompson (dec), Member Hornsby Rifle Club/ Convener UIT Club, sat on original committee in an advisory capacity

Regards to all who read this history and especially to those members, who over years have contributed mightily to the success the Club has had over the past two and a half decades.


Information collected by Maxwell L. Johnson –  3rd May 2011

Reference material: The All- Australia Memorial published by British-Australasian Publishing

Pte. Richard Bradley No. 1086.     Son of Richard and Elizabeth Bradley, of 2 Percival St. Leichhardt. Born in England 23rd April 1884. Educated Leichhardt Public School. Profession: Cabinetmaker. Enlisted 14th May 1915; Embarked 25th June 1915. War Service: Egypt; Gallipoli.

Pte Robert Bertie No 1883.  Son of Joseph and Charlotte Bertie, of 27 John St. Petersham. Born at Eugowra 2nd March 1897. Educated Marrickville Public School. Profession: Butcher. Enlisted 18th June 1915 (Posted to A Company 18 Bn) Embarked 9th August 1915. War Service: France (wounded 29th August 1916; invalided to General Hospital England; returned to unit ; wounded 2nd occasion Sept 1916; invalided French hospital; wounded 3rd occasion 21st June 1918 ; invalided to War Hospital Croydon UK.

Signaller Edward B. Goode No 6073.  Son of E.E. Bernard and Amy V. Goode, of Woolwich St. Woolwich. Born at Redfern 28th September 1880. Educated at Christ Church George St. Profession: Plumber. Enlisted 9th June 1916. Embarked 25th October 1916. War Service: France (wounded and gassed at Bapaume , 20th May 1918) Invalided to Duchess Connaught Hospital England. Returned to unit 25th July 1918.

Pte Victor Ross No 1243.  Son of Sarah and William Ross, of 8 Frances St. Enmore. Born Sydney 9th July 1891. Enlisted Sydney February 1915 (Posted to D Coy 18Bn) Embarked 26th June 1915. War Service: Gallipoli (Hill 60, Evacuation; slightly wounded); did 3 months’ patrol in the desert; France (wounded in the head , and lost sight in right eye) Invalided to Australia; Discharge medically unfit.

Pte Stanley F. Smith No 5403.  Son of Frank and Minnie Smith of Prospect St. Moore Park. Husband of Mrs E.M. Smith. Born at Moore Park 21st October 1894. Educated Albion St. Public School. Profession: Packer and storeman. Enlisted 27th February 1916 ( Posted to C Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 22nd August 1916. War Service: France; made the Supreme Sacrifice at Butte-de-Warlancourt on 26th February 1917.

Pte William A. Fosh No 6164.  Son of Alfred and Isabella Fosh of London. Born at London 6th December 1880. Educated London. Enlisted June 1916 (Posted to C Coy 18 Bn) Embarked October 1916. War Service: Salisbury Plain; France ( wounded Polygon Wood 27th September 1917; Invalided to General Hospital France. Ret to unit. Gassed, Morlancourt 26th May 1918; Invalided to hospital in England, where he remained until the signing of the Armistice.

Pte Charles A Hughes No 2157.  Son of Mary and Charles H. Hughes of 17 Henry St. Leichhardt. Born at Uralla New England 11th March 1881. Educated Bathurst and Newcastle. Steward. War Service: Egypt; France. Charles had two younger brothers who also served.

Raymond L. Hughes served as a Gunner in 4TH Bty MTM and Anthony C.S. Hughes served as a Driver in AASC. All three brothers apparently survived.

Pte Thomas C. Price No 5464.  Son of Thomas and Ophelia Price of 9 Westbourne St. Drummoyne. Born in England 18th September 1885. Educated Drummoyne Public School. Profession: Hairdresser. Enlisted January 1916; Embarked 22nd August 1916. War Service: France ( made the Supreme Sacrifice, North Belgium, 20th September 1917. Prior to enlisting Pte T.C. Price was a member of the Port Jackson Sailing Club, and one of the crew of the “Volete”, NSW State and club champion sailed by the Price Brothers.

Pte Stephen Kinlock White No 4168.  Son of Mrs Elizabeth White of 52 Fitzroy St. Marrickville. Born at Glasgow, Scotland 22nd December 1889. Educated Glasgow.  Profession: Miner. Enlisted Sydney December 1915. Embarked March 1916. War Service: France ; made the Supreme Sacrifice at Bullecourt 10th May 1917.

Pte Neil Kinlock White No 4167.  Brother of Pte Stephen Kinlock White. Born at Glasgow, Scotland 10th October 1881. Educated Glasgow.  Profession: Miner. Enlisted Sydney December 1915. Embarked March 1916. War Service: France.

Pte Andrew White No 4316.  Brother of Stephen and Neil Kinlock White. Born at Newmonkland, Scotland 6th December 1896. Educated Camperdown and Marrickville Public Schools. Profession: Carter. Enlisted 1st December 1915. Embarked 8th March 1916. War Service: Egypt and France. A fourth White Brother, Robert, also enlisted and served in France as a Gunner No 26422 in 3rd Army BAC.

Pte Percy H. Falconer No 2141.  Son of Lydia I. and Francis Falconer of “Inverurie” Amy St. Campsie. Born at Glebe 24th October 1887. Educated at Glebe Public School and Cleveland St. Technical College. Profession: Electrical Engineer. Enlisted June 1915 ( posted to C Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 30th September 1915. War Service: Egypt, Palestine, Suez Canal, France and Belgium. Wounded at Pozieres in July 1916 and invalided to Leeds Hospital, England. Returned to unit in April 1917. Wounded on a second occasion in May 1918 and invalided to American Hospital at Etretat. Returned to front in June of the same year and after the Armistice was attached to 2nd Army in occupation pending conclusion of peace. Percy had a younger brother, Frank who enlisted in 1918 at 18 years of age. He embarked 22nd October 1918 and was recalled from Durban following cessation of hostilities.

Sglr Charles O. Fysh No 1932.  Son of Benjamin and Emily Fysh of 4 Ramsey Rd. Haberfield. Born at Malvern, Melbourne 29th April 1893. Educated James St. High School Perth WA. Profession: Clerk. Enlisted 19th June 1915. Embarked August 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli (served ‘til Evacuation), France ( contracted trench feet and diphtheria December 1916) Invalided to Dartford Hospital England. Following recovery was put on light duties and transferred to AIF Records Office at Horseberry Rd. London.

Pte Robert E. Lotze No 3653.  Son of Charlotte and John Lotze of “Glencoe” Duntroon St. Hurlstone Park. Born at Newtown 4th May 1894. Educated Chapel St. Public School Marrickville. Profession: Clerk. Enlisted 15th August 1915. Embarked 20th December 1915. War Service: Egypt, France ( made the Supreme Sacrifice at Pozieres on the 3rd August 1916) Pte Lotze had a younger brother who also served his country. At the tender age of 14 years, brother Stanley E. Lotze signed on as a Naval Cadet and saw service on the High Seas.

Pte Cecil H. Perrot.  Son of Thomas Montgomery and Alice Emma Perrot of “Rosslyn” Belgrave St. Petersham. Born at Dapto 1889. Educated Petersham Public School. Profession: Bank Clerk. Enlisted Sydney February 1915 ( posted to C Coy 18Bn) Embarked May 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli (made the Supreme Sacrifice at Hill 60, 22ND August 1915) A younger brother, John B. Perrot also enlisted in 1916 (posted to 17th General Reinforcements),discharged on account of illness(meningitis) He re-enlisted in January 1918 and embarked on 5th September 1918.

Pte Francis A Westall No 4562.  Son of Charles William and Clara Westall of 107 Albermarle St. Newtown. Born at Mulgrave 20th October 1890. Educated Windsor. Profession: Plumber. Enlisted 17th November 1915. Embarked 20th April 1916. War Service: Salisbury Plains England. Contracted muscular rheumatism, was returned to Australia and discharged 4th November 1917. He then returned to England where he worked as a munitions worker. Pte Westall had a younger brother, Harold, who served in 14 Bty 5th Field Artillery where he received gunshot wounds on 28th September 1918 and was invalided back to Australia on 19th February 1919.

Pte Frederick L. Holt No 1943.  Son of Mrs Sarah and the late Lawrence Holt of Ïvanhoe” Tincombe St. Canterbury. Born at Sydney 19th November 1890. Educated Plunkett St. Public School. Profession: Telephone Linesman. Enlisted 19th June 1915 ( posted to Signals Section 18 Bn) Embarked 9th August 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli and France. Pte Holt made the Supreme Sacrifice  at Flers on 19th November 1916. He was shot by a sniper. Frederick had a younger brother, Edgar, who served with 19 Battalion , having enlisted in November 1915. Seeing service in France, he too was sadly first reported as missing, and later officially reported as killed in action.

Cpl Robert L. Smith No 4240. Son of Louisa and Robert Smith of 46 Starling St Leichhardt. Born at Balmain 29th July 1890. Educated Leichhardt Public School. Profession: Box Maker. Enlisted 10th December 1916. Embarked 8th March 1916 ( 10th Reinforcements 18 Bn) War Service: Egypt, France ( wounded 20th September 1917, invalided to Base Hospital Le Havre, rejoined unit October 1917.

Capt. Alfred Paine.  Son of Mrs Helen and the late Edward Paine of 78 Station Rd Auburn. Born at Bathurst 31st May 1874. Educated Fort Street Boys’ High School. Profession: Sawmill Foreman. Elisted April 1915. Embarked 9th June 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli ( August 1915 ‘til Evacuation) Gained commission prior to Evacuation, France ( promoted to Captain in the field) Contracted illness and was invalided to Wandsworth Hospital. Rejoined unit until cessation of hostilities, then went to Belgium. Captain Paine had served for twelve months in the South African Campaign prior to World War 1 and had a younger brother, Walter D. Paine, who served in D Coy 1st Battalion in Egypt, Gallipoli and France, from June 1915 until 25th July 1916, when he made the Supreme Sacrifice , being killed at Pozieres.

Pte Joseph A. Madden No 2435.  Orphaned child born at Newtown 22nd September 1895. Educated Westmead Orphanage. Profession: Timber Worker. Enlisted 22nd August 1915. (posted to A Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 6th October 1915. War Service: Egypt, France (wounded and taken prisoner, April 1918) Interned in a prison camp in Germany. Awarded the Military Medal for conspicuous services.

Pte Alexander H McMillan.  Son of Alexander B. and Ada A.E. McMillan of 862 King St. Tempe. Born at Tighes Hill, Newcastle 24th August 1894. Educated Tempe Public School. Profession: Not Known. Enlisted December 1915. Embarked 14th April 1916.  War Service: Egypt, Salisbury Plains, France (Ypres, Flers, the Somme, wounded, Lagnicourt, wounded on 2nd occasion) Invalided to hospital at Rouen, later Tooting and Harefield Hospitals. Returned to Australia on 15th December 1917 and discharged medically unfit on 23rd January 1918. Pte Mc Millan had a younger brother, Albert J McMillan, who served as a driver with 12th Field Artillery Brigade from 17th May 1916 until gassed at Kemmel in December 1917. He was returned to Australia and discharged medically unfit on 10th September 1918.

Pte Alfred Brown No 6276.  Son of Frederick and Juliett Brown of Queen St. Chillagoe. Born at Cooktown 12th June 1893. Educated Cooktown Public School. Profession: Fitter and Turner. Enlisted 27th October 1916 (posted to C Coy 18Bn). Embarked 11th November 1916. War Service: Salisbury Plains, France ( wounded 10th July 1918) Invalided to Denmark Hill, where he was operated on, causing the loss of his left eye. Returned to Australia, discharged medically unfit 2nd February 1919.

Pte George F Hamilton No 5605.  Son of John and Rebecca Hamilton of England. Born at Sunderland 9th August 1886. Educated Sunderland S. School. Profession: Plumber. Enlisted March 1916 (posted to C Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 9th September 1916. War Service: Salisbury Plains, France ( wounded 4th September 1918) Invalided to Graylington War Hospital.

Pte George J. Mercer No 6356.  Son of Mrs Anne Louise Mercer and the late William Mercer of 9 Charles St. Petersham. Born at Glebe 25th November 1887. Educated Annandale Public School. Profession: Not Known. Enlisted 26th October  1916 (posted to 18th Reinforcements 18 Bn) Embarked 11th November 1916. War Service: France

Pte Edwin J. Byrne No 4780.  Son of Mrs Margaret and the late William J. Byrne of 47 Gordon Rd.  Auburn. Born at Redfern 15th January 1893. Educated at St. Joseph’s Convent Canterbury. Profession: Farmer. Enlisted 2nd February 1916 (posted to B Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 14th April 1916. War Service: Egypt, France, Belgium ( made the Supreme Sacrifice , Flers , 8th November 1916)

Pte George F. Byrne No 4781.  Older brother to Pte Edwin J. Byrne, Born at Redfern 30th April 1890. Educated at St. Joseph’s Convent, Canterbury. Profession: Machinist. Enlisted 2nd February 1916. Embarked 14th April 1916. War Service: Egypt, France, Belgium (wounded, Passchendaele 4th October 1917) Invalided to Horton War Hospital, England. Returned to Australia and discharged medically unfit on the 8th August 1918.

A third brother, William J Byrne, the eldest of the three, also served his country. He enlisted in 1916 at 36 years of age and served in France and Belgium with the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company. He survived the war and was with his unit at the cessation of hostilities.

Pte Roy Bowmaker No 74.  Son of Mrs Florence Bowmaker of “Bowville”Dora St Hurstville. Born at Hurstville 24th March 1892. Educated Hurstville Public School. Profession: Painter. Enlisted 11th March 1915. Embarked June 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli, (Suvla Bay, wounded at Hill 60, 22nd August 1915) Returned to Australia 31/12/17. Discharged 2nd February 1918. Roy had a younger brother, Jack, who saw service with 17 Battalion at Gallipoli. Jack was shot by a sniper at Quinn’s Post and subsequently died of wounds on the 22nd September 1915.

Pte Rosslyn C. Cook No 4668.  Son of Emmie and William Cook of Mascot. Born at St. Peters 11th October 1895.  Educated Tempe Public School.     Profession: Not Known.  Enlisted 2nd February 1916 (posted to B Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 13th April 1916. War Service: France (Pozieres) Died of wounds 13th November 1916 and is buried at Heilly Cemetery, Mericourt, LÁbbe.

Cpl James J.F. Simson No 1263.  Next of kin, Mrs Minnie Simson of Rosebery. Born at Fitzroy Vic 24th May 1880. Educated North Fitzroy State School. Profession : Not Known. Enlisted September 1914. Embarked 25 June 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli, France (Bullecourt) Wounded on three occasions. Returned to Australia 15th December 1918. Discharged January 1919.

Pte Thomas A Farrow No 6165.  Son of Mrs Elizabeth and the late Alfred Farrow of Mascot. Born at Rockdale 30th June 1898. Educated St. Bernard’s Convent,Botany. Profession: Not Known. Enlisted 9th June 1916 (posted to A Coy 18 Bn) Embarked 25th October 1916.         War Service: France (wounded, resulting in the loss of his left eye) Returned to Australia 14th March 1919.

Sgt. Harold W. Fillingham No 531.  Son of Mrs May and the late J.O. Fillingham of Cameron St Rockdale. Born at Molong 13th February 1893. Educated Balmain Public School. Profession: Warehouseman. Enlisted February 1915 ( posted to Machine Gun Section 18 Bn) Embarked 25th June 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli (Landing at Suvla Bay through to Evacuation) France ; with unit at cessation of hostilities. Sgt. Fillingham was awarded the Military Medal. He was one of four brothers who served. Eldest brother, Charles Orton Fillingham served in the Merchant Navy on board S.S. Sydney. Second eldest brother, George R.P. Fillingham served in D Coy 45th Battalion from September 1915 until 7th June 1917 when he made the Supreme Sacrifice at Messines. Youngest brother, Hubert C. Fillingham enlisted in June 1918 at 23 years of age and arrived in England a day or two after the Armistice.

Pte Reginald Cox No 3815.  Son of Nadir and Jane Cox of Barton Rd. Artarmon. Born at Forest Lodge 8th April 1890. Educated Fort Street Public School. Profession: Not Known. Enlisted September 1915. Embarked 22nd January 1916. War Service: France (wounded twice ) Returned to Australia March 1918 and discharged October 1918.

Pioneer Sgt Rupert Aubrey Broadbridge No 58.  Only son of Frederick S. and Edith G. Broadbridge of Mill St Carlton. Born at Alexandria 2nd July 1893. Educated Kogarah Public School. Profession: Bricklayer and contractor. Enlisted 8th March 1915. Embarked 25th June 1915. War Service: Egypt, Gallipoli (from 22nd August 1915 until Evacuation, being once slightly wounded, but staying on duty) Tel-el Kebir, Moasca, Sinai, France (arrived March 1916; wounded at Pozieres, 4th August 1916) Invalided to 23rd C.G. Hospital, Etaples thence Major Lester’s Hospital Liverpool. Returned  to duty 11th November 1916, participating in all engagements  until 29th May 1918, when he was gassed at Moulancourt. Invalided to Etaples (the Hospital being bombed while he was an inmate) and Crescent War Hospital, Croydon. Did not return to duty owing  to signing of the Armistice. Returned to Australia on the 13TH May 1919 and was discharged on the 13th July 1919.