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Bertram Bullet Company Pty Ltd
200 Goulburn Valley Hwy Seymour 3660 VIC
Ph: (03) 57922912
Fx: (03) 57991650

Bruce is a maker of cartridge cases for Foreign, Black Powder, Cartridge and Military Rifles. Perhaps the finest brass currently being made for 19th & 20th Century arms.  Excellent people to deal with and very interested in keeping those less popular calibres, popular!

GML Electronics
Suppliers of microprocessors, printed circuit design and telemetry systems and services.
Website of the 2/18th Battalion Association
Military Rifle Clubs Association
National Rifle Association of Australia
New South Wales Rifle Association

Gosford District Rifle Club (GDRC)

Our very good friends at the GDRC can be reached on the link below.
Ian Skennerton- British & Empire Arms
The Lee Enfield Rifle Association- UK
A site for all things Mauser services
NSW Firearms Registry

NSW DPI Game Licensing Unit
Australian Deer Association Inc
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