Field and Service

Field and Service

This match, is shot prone at 300 metres, sitting or kneeling at 200 metres and at standing at 100 metres, is open to all rifles.  If shot at more than 300m then it must be shot prone or supported from a bench.

Competitors can use a traditional service rifle or a modern field rifle.  Open sights or optics are allowed.  So the rule of thumb is if you own it you can shoot it in this match.

Rifle categories are as follows: Field Class, Service Class and Service Sniper

Field Class category will shoot on the small black and white targets in the top left and right and corners of the standard 4ft black and white field targets.  Sighters may be taken on the standard 4ft target if required.

For those shooters unable to shoot in any of the three positions we have a classification known as Field Class Supported where you can compete in the match either from a bench or prone at all distances

All other rifles will shoot on the standard black and white 4 foot target.

Course of fire:

Sighters – 5 minutes for sighting shots. You can have as many sighters as you want in 5 minutes.

Forced – Five by 20 second exposures – 1 shot per exposure

Train – One 60 second exposure – 5 shots

Rapid – One 30 second exposure – 5 shots

Snap – Five by 3 second exposures – 1 shot per exposure

Total 20 rounds (not including sighters).  Maximum score 100.20.20