Rimfire, Carbine, Hunt Club

Rimfire Match

Also called Match 21

The rimfire match is shot using rimfire rifles, or rifles that have pistol cartridge calibres only. Optics are also allowed.

This is a walk down match starting at 75 metres, then moving to 50 metres and then to 25 metres.

Shooting is in the standing position and each competitor has a left and a right target.

At each distance the course of fire is:

12 rounds – 6 into the left target and 6 into the right target

Total 36 rounds.  Maximum possible score is 180.36

Match 22

2+10 Application, Single Snap Fig 11 target. 10 x 4 sec exposure Scoring Rings to count
75m, 100m 22 rounds required

Match 31 – Deer (Hunt Club Match)

2+10 Twin scoring area. Deer style hunting target.  Sighters not to count. 1 into head, 1 into chest  – alternating
10 ring scoring 10 x 4 sec exposures
50m, 75m, 100m, 200m Prone @ 200m 12 rounds required Max Score 100
Note: When using the 100m Multi-Use Range Match 31 is limited to the conditions of Match 21 as to calibre / type
Note: When using the 800m Main Range, centrefire calibres + low velocity, lead only projectile calibres permitted