The Entrepreneur’s Organisation Invitational Shoot
   Held Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 200 metres
1st Alister Hanbidge 46.2
2nd Roberto Camache 45.2
3rd Dan Roberts 42.1
4th Vince Nicita 40.0
5th Luis Lequerica 38.1
6th Paul Gordon 38.0
7th Jamie Warner 30.0

 Practice Shoot

1st Wayne Shepherd (Visitor) 50.4
2nd Bede Ireland 49.3
3rd James Taylor 48.4

 Thanks go to James Taylor for organising the invitational and providing all guests and members with lunch.

Thanks also to all our members who volunteered to help with marking and coaching.

We know who you are!

Rimfire Results Sunday 12th March 2017 at 50/75/100 Metres

1st Allan Daniel 169.16
2nd Lionel Slade 168.13
3rd Ian O’Brien 136.6
4th Max Johnson 135.5
5th Dylan Maunder 124.3
6th Neil Mills 114.5

Field and Service Results Sunday 26th March 2017 at 200 Metres.

Field Class Sitting

1st Lionel Slade 93.2
2nd Chris Swadling 89.5
3rd Patrick Johnson (Visitor) 62.0
4th Peter Street (Visitor) 50.0

Field Class Prone

1st John Kelly 99.10

Service Class

1st Michael Whitehurst 84.0
2nd James Taylor 81.1
3rd Neil Mills 76.0
4th Brett Swadling 72.1
5th Greg Cowle 68.0
6th Vadim Kaluzny 68.0
7th Lloyd Baldwin 65.0
8th Andrew Bell 65.0