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Recent Results -June 2017

FIELD CLASS RESULTS 2016-17 -click here

MILITARY MATCH RESULTS 2016-17 -click here

RIMFIRE RESULTS 2016-17-click here

VASILY ZEITSEV CUP 2016-17- click here

Field and Service Results Sunday 4th June 2017 at 300 Metres

Field Class

1st Elizabeth Keenan 96.8
2nd Chris Swadling 95.2
3rd Lionel Slade 86.5
4th Max Johnson 86.3

Service Class

1st Andrew Bell 88.3
2nd Neil Mills 87.4
3rd Alan Cunneen 73.0
4th Brett Swadling 73.0
5th Michael Whitehurst 72.1
6th Graham Burr 72.0
7th Ian O’Brien 69.1
8th Paul Boardman 60.0
9th Lloyd Baldwin 45.0
10th Greg Cowle 43.0

Service Sniper

1st Michael Daniel 85.2
2nd Bill Daniel 79.0

Rimfire Results Sunday 4th June 2017 at 100/75/50 Metres

1st Andrew Bell 169.8
2nd Michael Whitehurst 160.18
3rd Lionel Slade 152.6
4th Elizabeth Keenan 148.16
5th Max Johnson 145.7
6th Neil Mills 139.5
7th Paul Boardman 127.8
8th Graham Burr 119.3
9th Pat Hetherington 94.6