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Recent Results - January 2014

Field and Rimfire 100m-75m-50m, Sunday January 5th, 2014

1st    Allan Daniel   170.20
2nd   Andrew Bell  168.16
3rd    Pat Hetherington   166.13
4th    Bill Laurenson   160.6
5th    Max Johnson   153.8
6th    Neil Mills   148.10
7th    Vadim Kaluzny   148.6
8th    Lionel Slade   148.4
9th    Graeme Levitt   143.6
10th  James Stavrianos   136.8
11th  Stuart Holmes   130.7
12th  John Kelly   129.8
13th  David Wilson   124.3
14th  Jack Holmes (Visitor)  57.4

300m Military Match 5, Sunday January 12th, 2014

Service Rifle A

1st   Alan Cunneen   91.5
2nd  Andrew Radford   84.2
3rd   Bill Laurenson   81.1
4th   Neil Mills   58.1
5th   Graeme Levitt   47.0

Service Rifle B 

1st    Alan Daniel   70.2
2nd  Andrew Bell   64.6

Service Rifle C

1st   Bill Daniel   79.3
2nd Max Johnson  73.1
3rd  Bede Ireland   58.1

Sporting Rifle

1st    Malcolm Day   99.14
2nd   Lucy Lopez (Visitor)   93.2

Hunt Club 100m-75m-50m, Sunday January 19th, 2014

Placing      Competitor          Aggregate Score

1st            Bede Ireland                      132

2nd           Garry Maunder                 130

3rd            Allan Daniel                     130

4th            Alan Cunneen                   127

5th            Bill Laurenson                  125

6th           John Kelly                         125

7th           Dylan Maunder                 113

8th           Max Johnson                      93

9th           Ray Withnell                      90

10th         J ames Taylor                    74

11th         Pat Hetherington                62

12th         Ronald Benko (Visitor)     41

13th         Chris Evans                       13