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Recent Results - February 2014

Field and Rimfire 100m-75m-50m, Sunday February 2nd, 2014

1st   James Stavrianos   164.16
2nd  Pat Hetherington   161.6
3rd   Neil Mills  155.12
4th   John Kelly   154.15
5th  Chris Evans   97.0
6th   Steve Carlin ( Visitor)   70.0

200m Field and Service, Sunday February 9th, 2014

Field Class

1st    Andrew Radford  81.3
2nd    John Kelly   80.1
3rd    Lionel Slade   78.3
4th    Max Johnson   77.1
5th    Dylan Maunder   74.2
6th    David Knott   70.0
7th    Chris Swadling   64.0

Service Class

1st    Gary Pollard   98.1
2nd   Brett Swadling    78.1
3rd    Bede Ireland    76.1
4th    Alan Daniel    75.1
5th   James Stavrianos    73.0
6th   Andrew Bell   67.0
7th   Garry Maunder    51.0

Field Class Prone

1st    Steve Carlin (Visitor)    100.12
2nd   Lucy Lopez (Visitor)   89.7
3rd   Rob Greenberg    77.2
4th   Lawrie Faggotter    53.1

Service Class Prone

1st    Alan Cunneen 98.6

2nd   Kerry Barlogio (Visitor) 80.1

Field Match Class

1st   James Stavrianos   75.1

Field Match Prone

1st    James Antcliff (Visitor)   88.6
2nd   Dick Antcliff (Visitor)   88

200m Military Match 8, Sunday February 9th, 2014

1st Gary Pollard 78.4
2nd John Kelly 69.5
3rd Alan Daniel 63.1
4th Neil Mills 56.4
5th Steve Carlin (Visitor) 43.1
6th Bede Ireland 31.1
7th Vadim Kaluzny 24.0
8th Garry Maunder 18.0
9th Andrew Bell 13.0
10th James Stavrianos 12.0